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What is Your 'Yet'?

It's easy for us to say, "I can't do that"

I can't do push ups.

I can't run.

I can't go to the gym.

You can ask any one of my personal training clients, they've all had mountains of can't's. But if you know anything about me, I am OVERWHELMINGLY positive in the face of someone telling me they can't do something. When someone says they "can't do something" I chime in with the ever positive "...Yet".

You can't do push ups... yet.

I can't run... yet.

I can't go to the gym... yet.

Do you know what happens when you add that tiny little word to the end of your sentence? All of a sudden, the blockade we have imposed on ourselves comes crumbling down. The box we inadvertently have built around ourselves starts to come down. You start thinking of HOW am I going to achieve my goal, instead of I CAN'T achieve it.

If I change the statement, "I can't run" into "I can't run yet", my mind automatically starts brainstorming on how I can achieve my goal.

I can start with walking 5 minutes a day.

Then maybe go for a jog one day.

Then work up to a short run!

That 'can't' turns into 'yet', and it is one of the most empowering mindset shifts you can do for yourself.

Join me for our "Earn Your Yet-i" Challenge, where all our Untamed Fitness community will be collectively working on their 'yet's. These 'Yet-i's will help destroy the limiting beliefs you have in your mind holding you back. So take advantage of our amazingly supportive community and "Earn Your Yet-i" now through May 31st! What is your "Yet-i"?

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