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Flexibility vs Mobility: Do YOU know the difference?

Flexibility is being able to move into high range of motion aka how stretchy your muscles and ligaments are.

Mobility is the ability to USE your muscle, with control, in the elongated state.

I like to give the example of a bicep curl to my clients.

You can be REALLY strong if you are only bicep curling two inches down and up with a weight, heck, I could probably bicep curl 50 lbs like that!

But let's add in MOBILITY now. So, same exercise, but now you're going to bring your arm all the way up to your shoulder, and aaall the way down to full extension.

I could get away with maybe a 10-15 lb weight doing it this way!

Mobility > Flexibility

This is why gymnasts are highly revered in the fitness world - not only are they powerful, flexible and strong, they have MOBILITY in the positions they find themselves in.

Want to learn more about your OWN mobility? Schedule a personal trainer consult with me today and let's get you mobile!


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