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Meet Untamed Fitness!

Established in January 2018, Untamed Fitness has grown from an in-home personal training service into a multi-trainer studio facility in Mountlake Terrace. 

Our mission at Untamed Fitness and Martial Arts is to build self confidence through personalized fitness training and holistic health education. Our clients are matched with professional, nationally-certified personal trainers, massage therapists, life coaches, and nutritionists. They are collectively experts who are educated in the areas of weight loss, muscle building, endurance training, athletic conditioning, healthy nutrition and lifestyle choices. This provides a holistic approach to living a healthier and more confident life.


Amanda Buckner

Hi, my name is Amanda and I am the CEO of Untamed Fitness! I help busy "workaholics" find accountability and live a healthy lifestyle. I teach functional movement patterns and use them to help clients live a pain-free lifestyle.

I have helped client heal plantar fasciitis, bunions, shoulder misalignment and improve body-mind connection all through strength training (yes, for real!).


Schedule a consult with me today and let's get started!

Fun Fact: I am an avid competitor in Muay Thai Kickboxing in local and national circuits.


Janita Leung 

As a dancer and a former competitive athlete, I greatly value functional movements, mobility, flexibility, and more. I’ve been in the fitness industry since 2019 as a group instructor and a personal trainer. My passion is to help others be pain-free while achieving their fitness goals with a holistic approach incorporating functional training and balanced lifestyle habits. With my expertise — corrective exercise and resistance training, I’ve helped a great number of clients get out of their chronic pain and prevent injuries throughout the years.


Maryna Mistrianu

Hello, I'm Maryna, a certified personal trainer with NASM. My true passion is functional strength
training, combined with mobility and stretching. Additionally, I work with lymphatic drainage
techniques to reduce swelling and improve general health. As a mother of two, I have a strong
interest in women’s health and postnatal recovery. I am currently getting my formal education in
those areas to start my group classes.
I love helping my clients feel strong and happy through exercise and to get long-lasting positive
effects on their health. I know how to reach your fitness goals without feeling overwhelmed or
exhausted. I'm excited to become a part of your fitness journey and make it safe, effective, and

massage therapist


Hi my name is Marissa and I am a licensed Massage Therapist. I specialise in Swedish, deep tissue, and trigger point massage therapy, all of which work to bring you pain relief, and aid in muscle recovery!

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