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It Doesn't Really Matter How You're Tracking Your Results

I'm going to say something a bit controversial. 🫢

It doesn't really matter how you're tracking your results.

DEXA Scan, In Body scan, tape measurements, home scale, calories in / calories out, Zoe tracking, caliper testing, etc.

All of these are AMAZING progressions in technology and science to track our bodies input/output.

I don't know what she's doing, but this is definitely the WRONG way to use a scale.

However, you. just. need. ONE.

Consistency is the key to achieving your goals.

If you like the InBody scan, take measurements consistently, at the same time of day, on the same scale, in the same clothes.

If you like the DEXA scan, same thing. Same time of day, same clothes. Same measurement process.

You like tracking your body measurements? Use the same tape measure. Same time of day. Same clothes.

Same. Same. Same.

I think you get my point.

There are 99 black horses with white stripes, and 1 white horse with black stripes. Find him.

It doesn't matter HOW you do it, it matters that you CONSISTENTLY do it.

If you take a DEXA scan, then cross compare it to your INBody scan, cross compared to your tape measurements, cross compared to your caliper numbers, cross compared to your home scale....

Heck, you're going to be all over the place!

Ice cream has NEVER been THIS confusing! Ice cream is a true friend <3

You want to see the CHANGE, not necessarily the NUMBER.

If InBody says you went from 32% body fat to 30% body fat, and you're goal is to lose fat, then you're going in the right direction! Keep it up!

Woohoo! Officially in a "healthy weight" according to the World Health Organization!

If caliper measurements show you went from 12% body fat to 16% body fat, and you're on a strength and bulk phase, you are probably on the right track! (assuming your lean body mass also reflected the same amount of increase)

Yeah, I can ride my bike with no handle bars. I'm a pretty big deal.

Don't drive yourself crazy thinking that there is only ONE way that is accurate.

To be honest, accuracy doesn't reeeeaaalllyy matter unless you are a competitive athlete or body builder. Even then, the numbers can fudge a bit and you'll be fine.

I say that because fighters, for example, need to be at a certain weight to fight. It's easier to endure weight manipulation when you have a lower body fat percentage and higher muscle amount.

Competitive Bodybuilders need low body fat percentage in order to show up on stage day the lowest fat percentage they can be, in order to show their muscle definition off.

Outside of those two areas, you really don't need exact numbers.

The important part here is:

  1. Tracking consistently

  2. Using the same method each time

  3. Correcting course if you are going in the wrong direction.

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