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What to Bring to Your FIRST Untamed Fitness Fitness Session!

fitness session

You deserve a HUGE virtual high five! You have taken a giant step forward towards becoming "THE ULTIMATE VERISON OF YOU"...

Whether you are doing this to shed a few pounds, gain some muscle, or just get more functional, here's what to expect on your first session.

Tip #1 - No Jeans or Dresses (Or Jean Dresses) for Your Fitness Session!

You want to be able to move around for your assessment. Your trainer will be observing your form in a variety of movements such as squats, lunges and push ups. You want to be comfortable, be able to move around, and not care if you get a little sweaty (just a little).

Tip #2 - Bring a Water Bottle

Water is the life force of everyone and everything. Water helps with brain fog, irritability, sluggishness, illness prevention, clear skin, joint mobility, and more! Yet we constantly forget to drink water all day (or 2 or 3). Water will help keep your mind active, your body limber and your face blemish-free (that last one is just a bonus).

"Amanda is amazing she helps to accommodate your weakness with a smile. If you're a beginner don't let that stop you from coming in." – Tina, Current Member

Tip #3 - Bring a Towel

Some of us are heavy sweaters. No, not the kind your Grandma knitted for you for Christmas, the OTHER kind of heavy sweater. Along with your comfy, light clothing, make sure to bring a small towel for each workout.

Tip #4 - Shoes Optional

We're a little different from the average gym. Shoes will be left on the red-lined square at the front door and your little toes will be FREE! Why do we do this? First, it feels good to be barefoot. Second, this will allow your trainer to adequately see any imbalances in your gait, or your stance. Unless we're running outside for a class warm up, shoes will be an optional part of your workouts, since being barefoot has shown great feedback (or should I say 'feet'-back?) in foot strength and our mind-body connection while lifting.

Tip #5 - (Optional) Bring a Friend!

Nervous to start this journey solo? That's totally understandable! Many of our personal training clients seek out partner training at least for the first few weeks in order to feel supported, have accountability, and have fun with people they know! If you would like to bring a friend, just give your trainer a heads up, and we can totally accommodate for you.

Be Curious, Ask Questions, and Be Open to the Experience!

Starting a new habit can be daunting, but that's what we're here for. To get to know us a little more, feel free to check out our Podcast of all things fitness and fighting at Scuttlebutt Podcast. I can't wait to meet you!

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Welcome to Untamed Fitness! We are a team of dedicated fitness professionals committed to helping you achieve your health and wellness goals. With our 6 month personalized training blueprint, we provide a comprehensive approach to strength and personal training. Our mission is to empower you to unleash your full potential and live a healthy, active lifestyle. Join us on this journey and let us guide you towards a stronger, fitter you!

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