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Trust the Process T-Shirt

Trust the Process T-Shirt

What does ‘Trust the Process’ mean?

It’s a reminder when your feeling like you aren’t making progress, when you’re doing everything right and everything seems to be at a standstill..


First off, you need to be real honest with yourself-

-Am I really going all my workouts?

-Am I eating well or am I cheating on meals too much?

-how many calories do I burn a day?


If you find out that you aren’t seeing progress because you’re subconsciously lying to yourself and “forgetting” about that extra serving of ice cream, or piling your salad high with fried chicken and Cesar dressing.. then readjust! You aren’t a tree, you can move and change you lifestyle to fit who you want to become!


If you ARE doing everything correct and still feel like your results aren’t happening- Trust the Process.

Trust that you are doing everything correctly and that you just need a little more time in your current phase of life.

I started saying this to myself when i was losing weight after my second baby was born. The weight just didn’t seem to come off as easily as it did the first time, and I was starting to get worried. Me, a certified personal trainer, certified in postnatal fitness, STILL has doubts when I didn’t think The scale was moving fast enough.

But I took a deep breath, told myself to Trust the Process and relax. Two weeks later, without changing a THING, my weight loss kicked into high gear and my body was finally getting the results i was expecting..

Don’t give up when things don’t happen on your schedule, just keep pushing!

Limited supply of shirts on sale now, message me ‘Trust the Process’ to get yours today!

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