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Why Do the Workouts Seem Different than When I Started ?

Untamed Fitness focuses on functional strength and mobility, by incorporating constantly varied functional movement performed at moderate intensity.

“Constantly varied” makes it fun and balanced. But that doesn’t mean random, and it doesn’t mean our workouts aren’t focused. Clients in our One-on-One program have their workouts created especially for them. Clients in our Small Group program have their workouts tailored by the results of the group (strength gain, weight loss, flexibility, etc).

When starting off with Untamed Fitness, you start with a foundation building workout program, designed to address major muscle imbalances, get you used to moving your body correctly, and increase your strength endurance. These 6 week foundation-building programs are just the beginning! Think of it as building a house - in order to build a solid structure, you need to build a solid foundation. Over the first few weeks, your workouts at Untamed Fitness focus on knowledge, skill acquisition and eccentric strength building (strength when the muscle is in it's elongated state). We also incorporate a lot of great aerobic and HIIT work, too (can you say battle ropes?) —but our focus is on building our foundation. And the results speak for themselves!

The second phase is where the fun begins - NOW we shift to longer-duration strength building, conditioning and endurance work. Some of this is to de-stress from sitting at a computer 16 hours a day; some of it is preparation for the beach!

And some of it is just to help battle the winter blues. These workouts are FUN. They create a lot of smiles and a wonderland of high-fiving awesomeness.

But don’t worry: Our foundation building never disappears. Functional strength training will make you better at walking, give you better posture control, reduce daily pain, increase self-confidence —it’s the foundation of your fitness. It’s not going anywhere.

Over the next several weeks, let's get ready for more reps, less weight and more confidence than you can shake a stick at.

See you in the studio!

Keep it simple. Then go work out!

Inspiration provided by Amanda Buckner. Book a fitness intro with her Here.

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About Untamed Fitness

Welcome to Untamed Fitness! We are a team of dedicated fitness professionals committed to helping you achieve your health and wellness goals. With our 6 month personalized training blueprint, we provide a comprehensive approach to strength and personal training. Our mission is to empower you to unleash your full potential and live a healthy, active lifestyle. Join us on this journey and let us guide you towards a stronger, fitter you!

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