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The Untamed Path- Why You Avoid Injury Doing it THIS Way

How many stories have you heard like this -

"Oh, I threw my back out while deadlifting"

"I would love to work out again, but I am still recovering from this shoulder injury"

"I wish I could do [insert fun activity here], but my [body part] is injured "

It can be a vicious cycle:

  1. Find a Gym

  2. Get excited about finding a good workout/class and community

  3. Learn generally what the moves should look like by watching a trainer do them for 10 seconds

  4. Complete a few classes

  5. Eventually, get injured performing bad technique, too heavy of a weight, or both

  6. Take 4-6 weeks off for injury

  7. Lose motivation.

  8. Gain extra weight.

  9. Feel more depressed because "you were just getting started"

  10. Deciding to go back to the gym.

  11. Repeat.

If you could avoid the injury, the heartache, and wasting your own time, wouldn't you?

Here's a better plan:

  1. Go to Untamed Personal Training, where you receive personalized programming based on your own muscle imbalances.

  2. Complete the 10 day onboarding process, where you learn proper form for the basic movements.

  3. Join our group classes and gain community.

  4. Work on yourself and your goals effectively.

  5. Win at Life.

Avoiding injury has been my #1 priority since opening our doors 5 years ago. By focusing on proper form, you will avoid much of the suffering associated with injury.

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About Untamed Fitness

Welcome to Untamed Fitness! We are a team of dedicated fitness professionals committed to helping you achieve your health and wellness goals. With our 6 month personalized training blueprint, we provide a comprehensive approach to strength and personal training. Our mission is to empower you to unleash your full potential and live a healthy, active lifestyle. Join us on this journey and let us guide you towards a stronger, fitter you!

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