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The Master Key To Success in ALL of Life

By: Amanda Buckner

Why Wait?

Unmatched Experience That Helps You 6X Your POWER In 6 Weeks or Less So You Can Ultimately Take Your Fitness, Mindset & Life BEYOND the Next Level Quickly...

Saving You YEARS or Even Decades of Guess-work & Painful Mistakes.

This has been a long time coming. I have been building this program for YEARS, spending over $50,000 of my own hard-earned money to gather information from the world's best motivational speakers, leaders, industry gurus and business mentors to acquire a holistic, totally integrated experience- The Omni Experience.

In the Omni Integrated Health Portal, you will get:

  • 18 Simple Yet Powerful Missions that each adds Exponential Momentum towards the target of helping you RISE and 6x Your Power to Tactically Create Meaningful Results in your Body, Mind, Habits & Lifestyle without burning out.

  • 12 Immersive Evolutions designed to not only Identify & Obliterate Destructive Beliefs that has you STUCK in Scarcity or Mediocrity, and/or that Keeps You AWAY From What You REALLY WANT...

  • ...but also LEVEL UP into a NEW Life Trajectory with 'Limitless' Power, Purpose and Passion In Your Relationships, Business & Life.

  • Two Assessments that help you identify exactly where you are in Life and Consciousness and Health. 

  • ​30 Days of All-Access to the Omni Integrated Health Portal: Your Library of Power & Production tools designed to weaponize you in your pursuits of HAVING IT ALL!

  • ​Lifetime Access to the Omni Challenge Facebook Group where you can Connect & Associate with Powerful Leaders such as yourself who are equally Committed to RISING As Powerful Leaders & CREATORS of Meaningful Results!

  • Instant Lifetime Access to the COMPLETE Align Your Stars AUDIO Edition with 6 AudioBooks Inside teaching you Step-by-Step the Art & Science of HAVING IT ALL Known As the Omni Experience!

On Thursday, November 30th at 12pm, we will SHOW you what sets Omni apart from regular coaching.. This all-inclusive approach can be used for all 6 areas of alignment - Fitness, Mindset, Finances, Networking, Spirituality, and Family.

Join us November 30th at 12pm for an introduction to Omni!

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About Untamed Fitness

Welcome to Untamed Fitness! We are a team of dedicated fitness professionals committed to helping you achieve your health and wellness goals. With our 6 month personalized training blueprint, we provide a comprehensive approach to strength and personal training. Our mission is to empower you to unleash your full potential and live a healthy, active lifestyle. Join us on this journey and let us guide you towards a stronger, fitter you!

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