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The Importance of Nutrition on Our Brains

Our brain is like, SO smart. 

It does everything for us, the fun things like reading and kickboxing and ice skating... 

The hard things like trigonometry, lifting heavy weights, planning a wedding...

It also does the necessary things like regulating heart beat, breathing and digestion..

Yes, our brain does it ALL! 

(Psstt, Amanda, I don't get it. Why are you wasting time saying this?)

It's easy to forget that everything, EVERYTHING in our lives is controlled, viewed through, influenced by, directed upon, motivated through... our brain. 

Our brain creates our lens to see the world, and therefore creates our own reality. 

I can go on for hours talking about the absolute wonder our brains are, but we'll save that for a rainy day. 

Our brain controls our universe, and that takes a LOT of energy. It uses about 20% of our calories just to operate! Most of these calories go towards systems we already have in place and don't have to think about - circulation, digestion, energy & cell creation, etc. 

This is why nutrition is VERY important to a healthy mind and body. Imagine eating nutrient-lacking foods such as potato chips, sugar and caffeine, and expecting those SAME building blocks to now become a new blood cell, skin cell, or energy cell. Do YOU think that cell is going to be made of strong material, or will it be lacking? Have enough of those cells built on shoddy equipment, and things start to go wrong. 

This is why it's so important to eat a healthy, balanced diet and dull down the amount of junk we eat. You really are what you eat!

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