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Exercise: It's Not Just Good For Your Health

Divine Timing, Connection and Health

Everything is timing and timing is everything. We (mostly) all know that eating well, exercising daily, getting an appropriate amount of sleep and meditation are all parts of keeping our lives healthy and stress-free. However, no matter how much we KNOW this, some people will go most of their lives avoiding taking care of themselves. Why? Because it's easier to satisfy your immediate urges, than it is to do something you won't directly see benefit from in the future.

I want chocolate cake now. I am hungry. I want to not be hungry anymore. Though it would benefit my body, mind and soul to take 20 minutes to make a healthy rice and chicken stir fry, my immediate hunger is focused on getting rid of the discomfort I have NOW. Though that chocolate cake will reek havoc on my metabolism, throw my insulin out of whack, make me tired at 2pm where I then reach for another sugary substance to satiate the later hunger, I am focused on the Now Hunger, not the Later Consequences.

If we do this enough - choosing the easy chocolate cake over the healthier chicken stir fry - our bodies are going to stop working so well. We will go to sleep in an insulin spike, still hungry because our body didn't get the right amount of macronutrients during the day (chocolate cake doesn't have the protein, carbs and healthy fats our bodies crave). We'll end up tossing and turning all night, guilting ourselves about the chocolate cake we ate, and telling ourselves 'we can't be hungry, it's too late to eat'. We wake up groggy, our brain not rested. We reach for a huge ultra-mega cup of coffee and realize WE'RE LATE WE OVERSLEPT OUR ALARM!

Instead of having time to make eggs for breakfast, we grab an easy-to-go pop-tart, muffin, or (we've all done it) a leftover slice of chocolate cake...

You can see how one decision can have lasting effects on our day, or lifestyle, our mood and our ability to function throughout the day.

It's not all doom and gloom though. Because the same thing can happen in the positive light as well.

Let's say you decide to take the extra 20 min to make yourself that chicken stir fry. You feel good, you savor every bite, and feel satiated and unreasonably calm after your meal. Your body was able to get the nutrients it was craving, leaving you feel content. At 2pm, you have a regular sized cup of coffee, and even a bottle of water to wash it down with. Your clear-headed and able to get your work done at a reasonable time, just ticking away at the heap of to-do lists that keep appearing on your desk. That's okay, you feel like you were focused and leave work for the day with a sense of accomplishment that you did your best. You decide you want to workout, but don't know where to start. You go online, schedule a personal trainer appointment for tomorrow after work, and settle down for an early bedtime.

Since your body was able to get the macronutrients it was looking for, your body is able to fully relax into a deep sleep, leaving you refreshed and energized for the next day. You wake up 5 minutes before your alarm goes off, make yourself a breakfast of eggs, oatmeal and a banana, and sit down to relax and enjoy your meal.

You are mindful. You are content. You are making clear-headed decisions. You are on the right path to becoming the best you can be.

It's easy to overlook how one decision can effect your whole life, but it really comes down to the details.

You must take care of yourself. <3

Ready to get started down Your Path to Become Your Best Self? Schedule a Fitness Consult with me here!

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