A rising trend in the fitness world today, home workouts are the best of both worlds! Whether it’s slimming down or bulking up, your personalized fitness program will improve your health and have you feeling great!



Health and Fitness is not only about what you do for yourself, but what you can do for others! Stay motivated with a partner or spouse workout partner. What are you waiting for? Book a session today!

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All the benefits of working with a personal trainer, but at a cheaper price! Live video sessions deliver amazing results through the convenience of technology!


"Respectful, communicative and friendly. This for a her foundation of working with me and reading and learning my body and movements to help me push myself forward and not follow some "everyperson" plan or ignore half of what I say. She's everything I was hoping to having in my first experience with a PT and would highly recommend her to others looking for a knowlegable friend who doesn't let you drop the ball on what needs to get done."

Owen P.

"Working out at 5:30 in the morning with Amanda has really helped, I have never worked out that early, but knew it was the only time i could with work and kids, and my health needed it. she was able to find the right balance to help me break a sweat and feel the work out with out over doing it (considering my limitations) and on top of that after 3 weeks of working out she updated me to let me know I had lost 10 lbs of body fat and gained 7lb of lean muscle. I am looking forward to hiring Amanda for the rest of the year and work on the various goals and challenges. I value her professionalism but she is also fun and upbeat but not over an overdone feel about her. she quickly figures out alternate options for my work out on the spot and doesn't waste my time during the session. Thank you Amanda!"

Leslie P.

"Amanda is an excellent trainer. She understood my goals and designed my schedule accordingly. My backache reduced significantly because of her exercises. I highly recommend her."

Rama U.



Fitness is a part of every one of us; you just need to find the one that's right for your lifestyle! I strive to help you identify your fitness goals, design a fitness program and personal trainer that fits your needs and get you comfortable with being fit. Untamed Fitness has a holistic approach to fitness that will have you feeling great and seeing results in no time!



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